The best and largest variety of handcraftship and souvenir from La Mancha and Don Quijote. Furthermore: 


  • Best selection of local gastronomy
  • Natural Cosmetic of Olive Oil Virgin Extra.
  • Souvenir. Largest variety related to España, Flamenco, Bullfight, Quijote, Cervantes and La Mancha.
  • Handcraftship traditional from España and La Mancha.
  • BAR (take away or sit in) coffee, natural orange juice, toasts, sandwiches, local bakery, beer, fruity wine, local wine, soft drinks....
  • Textile, Jewellery and Complements made and designed in Spain. Jerseys, Scarfs, T-Shirts, Handbags...



Do you also love Quijote and Spain as we do? This is your place, this is




  • Big and spacious toilets
  • Free wifi access
  • Turistic information in Spanish, English and French
  • Bus Parking